Monday, January 16, 2012


Conversing. It seems so easy and natural.

I am not a good conversationalist. I do respond well to questions, prompts, statements and other verbally presented facts and sentiments. Converse? No. I am totally inept.

Listen? I like that a lot. My husband likes this as well. But, so do many other people. Suddenly, my dinner party becomes a Quaker meeting. For The Fail!

I have many friends who are excellent and awesome conversationalists. I admire them. I often sit back and study them. But, lately, I have been really needing to …..something.

What I have learned so far is that good conversationalists ask questions. Like any weird or random question which crosses their mind also passes over their teeth, tongue and lips and blossoms in the air. And then they listen to the answers and ask another question.

This is a habit I could really strive to adopt. So, the theme of the month is toys, What the hell does that have to do with conversation? Well. Alot.

Stumbling around during the Christmas season, I came across one of those “gotta love people” items. So, I know my husband absolutely adores his Gryffindor necktie. But, the gift he looked cross-eyed at me about is the one which has been making a huge difference in our life right now. At least he had tom open The Family Dinner Game in front of his family!

But, the conversations! (And I pride myself on being a family who discusses interesting stuff!) But seriously, some of these questions are off the hook. For example, “Which historical figure would you like to meet?”

Son says Benjamin Franklin. WTF!!!! Since when have we done a unit on Benjamin Franklin? But, son is very clear. "He was an inventor, a freedom fighter and made this country." Okay. Where he learned any oft this I am unclear. But sounds like a fair assessment to me. Nice choice.

Husband steals *my* historical figure, Le Chevalier S Saint Georges …and the conversation dissolves into a demonstration of who had French and/or Latin and would actually be able to converse with Le Chevalier. Therefore, the study of different languages are vitally important. Next card.

"If your family had a motto, what would it be?"
Husband: “We three and no more,” Owen Springer, Grandfather in law.
Me: We would gladly feast upon those who would oppose us.
Son: Think also of the comforts and right of others.

What widely divergent ideas we all share. And yet, we agree that each idea is important, valid and relevant. And we laugh.

Finally, “where do your first and last name come from?”

Some things can be taught. I am happy someone took something obvious; put it in a little handy tin and helped me get even better at connecting with the people I love.

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Karen James said...

We, too, have had a lot of laughs with this game. Dinner was getting kind of painful for Ethan. He would sit and listen to Doug and I talk for a bit, say he was full, then leave to play elsewhere. Dinner games was my first attempt to get us all talking together. Now, I set something out in the middle of us at every shared meal. We are all closer for it!