Sunday, January 22, 2012

please & thank you. frees - Draft


Gabby was off the record

like skilled musicians competing

with turntables. on the quiet

street. a bbq place

in a blue and white shack.

vinyl foot stools making

the grease easy to forgive.

symbolic or just love

offering. his motto:

"it is nice to be nice."


yesterday, we could

not exit the cul-de-sac.

a FED EX truck was mired

in our private street snow.

and the strange stones

everyone uses

to mark territory trapped

all of us. needed to go.

after two hours finally we thought.

asked, "what's going on?"

how frustrating!

us in our warm home

him in his heated truck

waiting for a supervisor’s

bitching. given the scenario,

we offered him coffee

(our superior, hand-pressed expresso.)

lowered our eyes at

his Christmas morning face.

he accepted

expresso with cream and sugar.

just like us. after

he was liberated

by the tow truck.

he returned the cup.

all of us want

to reuse, recycle

and re-connect

to being nice.


kindness costs

nothing. love

is free,


is a cup

of coffee

or something like ribs

to gnaw. succulent

meaty nourishing

spice. like good music

is prescience offering


Karen James said...


Christina Springer said...

Thanks, Karen! The last trimester of Imani's pregnancy, I ate at Gabby's every day. (Who can beat $3.00 for a half rack of ribs, beans, fries cut in front of you before they are cooked, cole slaw and and bread?) To this day - vegetarian Imani - smells ribs and says...."you know....maybe I should try that." LOL!