Monday, January 16, 2012

Gotta Love People

It is a mandate. It is a daily practice. It is a challenge. It is the most important behavior of all. Love. Act on love. Just gotta. Love people.

There are 50 thousand ways of doing this everyday. Just stopping and approaching your personal agenda sideways is fun. For example, put a little love wrench in the pseudo customer care training. You know the script. You know the drill,

“Hi. How are you today?”

[Stop everything. Realize this is a person who has been trained to “make lively customer care banter. “ Look at this human being who is putting energy into the food you will be feeding your family this week. Understand, s/he probably has a family…or wants one…or maybe not….doesn’t matter. Just stop and see this human being who is being paid very little money to serve your needs. Will s/he be you BFF forever? No. Very unlikely. Does this mean you shouldn’t invest a 1/2 ounce of positive energy in her? No. Every investment in remembering humanit is a good investment.]

So look up and directly into their eyes and say,

“I’m okay. Thank you so much for asking. How are you?”

And wait for their response. And listen when they give it.

“I’m alright.”

If they are alright, or okay or good, acknowledge that fact.

“I’m happy that you are okay. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be awesome. Maybe tomorrow I might be not so good. It’s great that we have okay right now.”

It is really that easy to reclaim meaningless exchanges and transform them into honest, sincere connection. Which reflects acting upon the mandate, “gotta love people.” Which brings me to toys. No seriously. Toys.

I went crazy for these silly toys this past December. Can you tell me how this toy is not perfect in every way? It
takes virtually no space in your purse;
engages the imagination;
can be used in airports, trains, restaurants or wherever you happen to be with a child who will act out on their boredom in unacceptable ways; and
And can be traded, modified and changed to suit the mood of the day.

I sure hope someone comments. The game is called Think-ets.

So why is this toy filed under ‘gotta love people?” Because anyone can put 10 to 12 assorted trinkets in a lovely colored mesh bag. Anyone can provide five different game play scenarios. But, not everyone can bless themselves with honoring and acting upon viewing themselves as a being a person of vision. Not everyone can say, “wow this cool thing I’m doing with my kid can become such a successful toy that we have to develop a Teacher’s Edition.” Not everyone can just step back and love themselves and others.

And so this gets filed under “gotta love people” because I could totally hate on this concept and hate on the creator for doing something obvious or hate myself for not bringing the same idea to market first. Or I can totally love on this person for making our lives so much fun. I choose the latter.

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Karen James said...

This looks very obscure and interesting. I have never seen it before. I love these kinds of games that bring the players together, rather than pit them against each other. I'll have to check this out! Thanks!