Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Family Has Chosen

To Return Orange to Earth.

In a private ceremony at 9:14 GMT, The Springer-Nunley Family laid Orange The Goldfish, Ladybird Liberator Of London to rest in our courtyard. “Burial At Sea” (toilet flushing) was deemed inappropriate by Winston.

Norman, Christina and Winston dug a hole near Mr. Mitch’s door. (A quiet, secluded part of the courtyard.) Orange was wrapped in a lovely black muslin shroud tied together by red satin ribbon which was interlocked into a lovely pattern by Christina.

Winston carried the shroud to the courtyard. His two tiny hands holding his friend out in front of himself. He also managed to push all of the necessary elevator buttons. Quite a feat for a not-yet-three year old child.

Together, they dug out a hole. They placed his shroud inside. Over the grave site, they placed a candle and three sticks of incense.

They prayed. They wished him a good next incarnation. A crescent moon was framed perfectly by single peachy, purple, pink cloud. For once, in London, there were stars visible.

The family bid Luna, “Good night! Take care of our sweet fishy fish Orange.”

The cloud moved along. A solo crescent framed perfectly by a cerulean blue sky.

And the family was happy that Orange would return to them....perhaps as a mammal.


boodafli said...

farewell orange. you were loved.

Katie and Jaimie said...

Dear Christina Springer,

Hi, were Katie and Jaimie, two high school seniors from the United States and we will be graduating this May. We were deeply touched by your poem "It's Journey" and at our graduating commencement we would like to perform it and dedicate it to our mothers. If we could have your permission to do so, we'd greatly appriciate it...we would perform your work with passion and pride and we only hope we could do your poem justice.

Thank you for your time,
Katie and Jaimie

Katie and Jaimie said...

We're sorry for not including our email:

Thanks again!