Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Introducing - Super Hero Otto

Yesterday, at the playground, a little boy crossed the entire playground for the express purpose of befriending my son! Winston was wearing his Monarch Butterfly wings. But, I have to admit, on this particular day, he did complete his outfit with the antennae. So, he looked a right proper butterfly.

The little boy said: Hello, Butterfly! I’m Super Hero!

Winston froze - like he usually does when approached by small people on the playground.

So I translated. Winston, this is Super Hero Otto. ( I had heard Super Hero being called “Otto” by his father earlier. ) He’s saying hello to you.

Winston looked at Super Hero Otto - who was dressed in a long flashy red flannel coat with ladybird buttons, black trousers, shiny black gloves and sun glasses.

Winston had to think about this for a minute. But finally he managed to say, Hello Super Hero! I’m Winston The Butterfly.

C’mon Butterfly! Let’s slide! Super Hero Otto shouted.

I figured he could use a bit more translation, so I said, Super Hero Otto wants you to slide with him.

Winston had to think about this for a minute. Okay! He said.

Super Hero Otto dived headfirst down the slide. Winston thought that was pretty cool and did the same thing. Soon they were laughing. And making a big production out of giving each other a hand-up to the slide. It was good.

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Jax said...

Oh that sounds good.

You know I've just read three of your posts from the top of your blog, and it was this one that moved me to tears.