Friday, April 14, 2006

Tooth Saga - Part 3

& we need to invent a new word.

We fly to Pittsburgh on April 21st.

The dentist there has made space to care for him. He’ll be all fixed up and finished in less than a 2 week span.

In less than 2 days, our friends and family have made all of this happen. We have raised a significant amount towards flight and treatment expenses. We could still use help. But. thank you - all of you - who have made this happen. I am humbled to be one of your number.

Once upon a time I thought I understood the word harambee. It means working together, pulling together.

There must be some other more specific word to describe all of you. Something that has the same energy as svaha - the sound between thunder and lightning. Something that means in one simple word, “we are everything we dream ourselves to be. we consciously construct a new reality by making small meaningful actions. everyday, we rise to the occasion of our higher selves, bow and invite ourselves to be present. we live in compassion, empathy and a profound understanding of our shared human experience.”

Because well, hey - that describes my friends and family.

Maybe we should just make a word for that. Any suggestions?

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