Sunday, April 16, 2006

Just A Reminder

We are leaving on Thursday for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The purpose of our visit is to save Winston’s teeth. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that we are making a transatlantic flight and paying uninsured prices for dental work because it is the only acceptable alternative.

Three months into being here, Winston had some bizarre, extremely rapid tooth decay. Our frequent trips to dentists were only a source of frustration - as they filled out forms; which were lost; which needed to be refilled out.

In addition, a dentist confiscated my specially imported children’s high fluoride toothpaste designed to manage this specific problem. (This toothpaste was from the office of the dentist who will be treating Winston in the States....a dentist who specialises in Winston’s problem.)

Recap Continued
It only took me 3 days, but, I was finally able to get The National Hell Service to see him. They presented me with an unacceptable treatment plan. Because the waiting list for fillings in his age bracket is 6 months - AND - at the rate of decay (4 months without special toothpaste, failure to treat and the virulence of the caries) - they propose to remove all of his upper teeth. ALL OF THEM. LEAVE HIM TOOTHLESS for 4 to 6 years.

This simply won't work for us. The teeth can be saved.

How You Can Help
We’ve had tremendous amount of help. But if anyone wants a better motivation....please remember:

$5 removes 1/20th of a tooth or saves 1/20th of a tooth
So, if 20 people kick up $5.00 we’ll save a tooth

$10 fills 1/12th of a tooth.
So, if 12 people kick up $10, we’ll fill a tooth $50 saves 1/4th of a tooth

If four people kick up $50, we’ll save a whole tooth.

$100 removes a tooth and kicks $5 towards anaesthesia
Therefore, if 3 people kick up $100, we’ll remove all of the unsalvageable teeth.

For my British friends - reduce the dollar by half. So £5 fills 1/12 of a tooth. And £25 saves an entire tooth. And on....

Donations are still be accepted at:
nnunley..........{at} //////// dot

We still need lots of help...We’re halfway there. Thanks my vibrant family and friends and some of you gorgeous new UK friends. We won’t go to Debtor’s Prison over teeth. You have our undying gratitude.

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