Friday, August 15, 2008


This is a standing order given to me by my daughter today.

Tomorrow, she will have surgery to repair the wrist she broke whilst stair surfing.


She and her many punk friends think she is so cool.


At least I don't have to show up at 6 AM to get her to surgery. Nor do I have to monitor her fluid and food intake after midnight.

I have been gifted with life and death decisions.

Standing order resembles my own personal choices. So, let's twiddle our thumbs

and hope someone notices.


Jax said...

have to say that broken wrist does not class as cool in my world, guess I'm just so old it's untrue. Hugs.

Christina Springer said...

Thanks Jax! In an update, now that she will be sporting a pink foam "oversized lego" for the next month, this is suddenly uncool. Afterall, she has "no clothing that matches it." On the otherhand, she is so poorly behaved in the hospital, the doctors think she might be crazy. I agree.