Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jiggity Jig

The firstborn is at her home. She has been released from the hospital. Pins anchor her arm to her hand. It's pretty bad. But, she's coping.

Epiphany for me has come and fled. Too much to share here. When I gain some distance, I'll share. Needless to say a critical review board has moved into my mind.

A good friend, David, said, "the rich kids are the worst of them all." What is it about privilege that creates black holes?


Karen James said...

"Couldn’t care less is harder, more icy, fatalistic. This particular flavor of laziness has an edge of cynicism and bitterness. We feel that we just don’t give a damn anymore. We feel lazy and mean at the same time. We feel mean toward this disappointing and lousy world, and toward this person and that person. Mostly we feel mean toward ourselves. We made a mistake. We’re not exactly sure what this mistake was, but we got it all wrong; and now, to hell with it! We try to forget in any way we can. We stop doing much. We feel as if we can’t do much anyway, and frankly, we don’t care...So maybe we open the window or go out for a walk, or maybe we sit silently, but whatever we do, it occurs to us to stay with ourselves, to go behind the words, behind the ignoring, and to feel the quality of this moment of being, in our hearts, in our stomachs, for ourselves, and for all of the millions of others in the same boat. We start to train in openness and compassion toward this very moment. This very moment of laziness becomes our personal teacher. This precious moment becomes our profound and healing practice." --Pema Chodron

(Wondering if this might apply? Here's the link: I am happy Imani is home and doing okay. I hope you are too.)

Love Karen

Ferocious Kitty said...

Hugs appear to be in order...these cyber ones will have to do for now.



And peace.


Christina Springer said...

Thanks Deesha and Karen.