Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Periodic Table Of Videos

Before I head off to New York this morning, I thought I’d leave you with some entertainment. Those wacky professors at The University Of Nottingham - over across the pond in the U.K. - have found a way to make the Periodic Tables fun and interesting! (Hat tip to Natasha from PALS.)

In The Periodic Table Of Videos the mad scientists demonstrate the properties of elements in a manner which any adventurous child would appreciate. I particularly like the discussion about oxygen in which he says, "it can make for very energetic experiments." These are a must if you have a budding young scientist. (Or a child who really hates science.) Thanks to Tickle Tune Typhoon’s CD, “Singing Science,” Winston is particularly fascinated with atoms and dna. So far he has watched, oxygen, sodium, helium and phosphorus. His favourite was helium. But, he keeps asking for more.



Karen James said...

Thanks for sharing this Christina! We love it. is great to hear your voice again.


Christina Springer said...

Glad to feel my voice returning. Delighted you like the videos. Winston wishes they were "his teachers."