Friday, August 15, 2008

I Love Folks With A Direct Line

Jiminy Cricket. Travesty Packet! Muck Bucket! This world is a tipsy top turvsey old crazy place. Check out my AfroSpear friends...they're talking about tasering, missing children, the elections, Darfur, every unimaginable subject that life has been delivering to the news.

But, today, I got word of a tragedy in my own community of African-American unschoolers. How much should my friend 'M" have to bear? Not a few months ago, her husband (and sole family provider) had a stroke. Now the firstborn has been in a car accident. I read her message and then prceeded to feeling sad, helpless and bound for some knee time.

Then, a wonderful sister for the African-American unschooling list chimed in with her prayer. She wrote:
"You are loaded daily with benefits and surrounded with favor like a shield!
You are being strengthened beyond measure for a greater cause.
You are a phenomenal woman! After this, when you open your mouth, many will receive healing, wisdom, encouragement, and victory because of the power of your testimony!
Thank God, He always causes us to triumph!"

Okay, so I think this is some of the best creative writing I've seen in a long time. Most of ya'll know that I'm a polytheist...if you will. I've always been about the enerey everyone's giving to the all powerful whomever is out there. But, this prayer caught my attention. Enough to say, please visit the author, Toni Hatton. Trust me my liberal and pagen friends, I wasn't sputterng for breath or holding my nose. It wasn't like the rabid lunatic fundamentalist Christians we've visitied with before. It was kind of fresh.


Villager said...

Prayer is powerful. I'm headig over to visit Toni Hatton as per your recommendation...

peace, Villager

Christina Springer said...

Hope you enjoy her. And thanks for stopping by. Prayer is powerful. And, the folks who have studied up on it have always moved me with their insight.