Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ephebe’s Quest #1

For Brian Springer

1. Fire - Before The Queen’s Fete

movie set sunshine sweats me worse than

that august noon I rode into the desert.

acrobatic medulla oblongata thrust

every urgent elemental rhythm to

cant my temporary flesh

to the scorpions and dung beetles.

even the snakes smell my life

and keep their venom to themselves.

on top of a dune, I watched wind waves

mirage the sand into an evaporating river

of angels abandoning their rippled lives

for a promise. soon I will be

glass. see. the first test ~

stay. surround my deep limbic system

like a shell fortifies the quivering fragile

yolk; coax my mule muscles to run; take off

my jeweled sandals; throw basil on the floor to free

the shrieking spectres ripping the draperies

on my memory. the script

is not a dog chasing its tail. every time

the tale is thrown, it fetches with

simple enthusiasm. adds slobber

or teeth marks. renews. the heart

will be shot in five. I must swallow

this version. smile. when boiled,

this hyperborean black ink

reduces to blood. I am told

freshen up for dinner; that animated

mannequin is the queen; I am

her every loving son and champion.

lies. gritty and shimmering,

every desert secrets the true

heart. remember childish games.

after hide always comes seek.

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