Thursday, February 21, 2008

Because I can't help mentioning Obama

Because my daughter is wonderful and brilliant, I have to pass along this gem she shared with me. I Married a Republican: There, I Said It is a wonderfully written piece about bi-partisan marriage. Some bloggers I've been visiting lately have been discussing Obama's impact. This morning, Ink made me fall over laughing with 99 Reasons. The far right has discovered Field. Raving Black Lunatic has been talking about Mrs Lunatic and the fact that she has drunk on O-Aid which turns out to be an "O'phrodesiac." Maybe this article will show them, in some households things could be worse. And maybe The O Man really is all that!

Please enjoy this excerpt, but the whole article is worth five minutes of your time.

What can I say? Love can sidetrack a person. Still, it did not feel good when I told myself: I love a Republican. It felt, in fact, like I had betrayed someone. Or many people.

Slowly, my close friends and family met Lorne. And slowly, one by one, they took me aside. “Ann,” they would hiss, “he’s a Republican.”

“But he’s pro-choice,” I would say, hanging on to the one political stance he and I actually shared.

“But he’s a Republican,” they would say.

Now back to our regularly schedule 32 Days Of Black History programming.


Big Man said...

I came over to get that article you posted on my site.

Christina Springer said...

Hpe you enjoy it as much as I did.

Big Man said...

I did, I showed it to my wife.

Christina Springer said...

Oh, great. It was a fun article. And see? She really does have it better...she could be married to a Raving Black Republican.