Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh, Silly Hilly, Sometimes Bad Press Is Not Good

Oh, Silly Hilly - can you not see that you look like a woman at last call who has had 8 beers and 13 shots? Can you not see that you are dancing on the bar naked in the hopes of getting laid? No matter how much you jiggle, wiggle and make moon eyes - no one wants you! This kind of behaviour only results in waking up alone with a sour stomach, a throbbing head, and a future of recurring nightmares.

First , it is reported that Clinton minces around the racist statements of Alelfa Callejo - an important Latina attorney, community activist and supporter who said: “{Barack Obama,} simply has a problem that he happens to be black." and "when the blacks had the numbers, they never did anything to support us...” Then, Clinton, in light of her attack on Obama and his response to Minister Farrakhan, modifies her statements. Nice commentary from Raving Black Lunatic here.

Now - rumour has it - that the Clinton campaign has made telephone hints and veiled threats that she will be suing the Texas Democratic Party over their delegate system. (In this instance, rumour is defined as “ news sources with whom I lack enough experience to trust.)

I’m not feeling very polite tonight. Please spend time with a more sane writer who eloquently says the same thing in a much more logical, articulate manner. Below are the highlights of Dan Calbrese and his thoughtful The Hillary Clinton Myth Unravels At Last.

“Yeah. People knew. It was all about her. Everything was. Her entire Senate career. Her misadventures as first lady. Her decision not to kick Bill to the curb after one tryst after another. It was all about her.
She resorts to whining, shrill outrage and the release of unflattering pictures of Barack Obama because she has nothing else. The whole Hillary mythology was empty. She’s not smart. She’s not tough. She’s not capable. She’s not even formidable enough to make it as a second-rate county politician, let alone presidential material.”

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