Thursday, March 06, 2008

Because Laughter Is Healing

She couldn't have known her Masters would sacrifice her. If she had, she would never have thrown that kind of fire power at him.

He was a child of two different worlds. The perfect product of that precarious union between light and dark. A master of both - a twilight child - destined to conquer hell fire and hatred. He was born of unity for unity. And so, the force is with him.

Get Your Own Here.

In a desperate battle, the the hellfire spawn came against him. But, there could be only one. Obama!!!! Victorious, he banished the vile creature. Too kind to smash her forever; he locked in her the prison of her own conscience to face herself. There she is. Doomed to spend the rest of her time raging, grunting, snarling, howling and plotting.

Get your own here.

And Obama proudly marched home. The country sighed with relief. We were finally safe.

Get Your Own Here.

Thanks to all of the agile Reddit photoshop masters for their wonderful meme this morning.


mrshadow33 said...

Man that was funny! Avery creative and entertaining story. I have got to
try something like that soon. Thanks for making me laugh on the way to my class.

Jonzee said...

Thanks so much! I think I have climbed off the panic button...for now.

But I'm with you. If its HIL-arious, Nader it is.

Christina Springer said...

Thanks MrShadow for giving me a chance to try to make you laugh.

And thanks Jonzee for stopping by. Yeah, we gotta stay calm, cold and calculated.

The more I think about it - I'm not giving Nadar my vote either. I'm going to write in Obama. If Hilarious does get the nominaton - we still can do write-ins. That's a good word to spread. (It may give us four more years of evil, but my conscience won't be paining me.)

Big Man said...

Hip me to how to put pictures in a post if you get a chance.

I'd appreciate it.

Very interesting arc for Obama's campaign, but do you think that Monsanto thing is going to be an issue? That's the type of stuff that gets ignored for conversations on handshakes.

Big Man said...

And your family is too cute on your flickr page. How long did you let your son's hair grow before you cut it?

Christina Springer said...

Hey Big Man - It took me a long time to find the picture button because I used to do my html by hand. At the top of your blogger dashboard - above where you insert text is a toolbar which allows you to make bold, italicize, make links, bullet items etc. Keep looking right and there will be an icon of a landscape. Click that and it will go to your hard drive and ask you to choose a picture. Then - it's easy.

Thanks for the kind words about my family. My son quite suddenly and out of the blue chose to cut his hair in mid Jan. He is 4 1/2. It is his hair - so it was his choice. It was a huge surprise. I think he chose to cut it because he couldn't see his fingerboard on his violin. So - he had to put on a headband for class and practice I think the headband was uncomfortable. I miss his crazy curls!

Christina Springer said...

Oh yeah - Big Man - they will dredge every single possible thing out of her closet, from under her bed and in the corners of her basement. They will hang it out to dry on the front pages of America. People will gag at how disgustingly dirty her laundry is. And then, McCain't won't look so bad. That's why they are encouraging her to eliminate Obama - he's less of a target.