Sunday, March 02, 2008

Women's History Month | Perpendicular or Parallel. Paradox.

There’s been some meaningful discussion over at The Field Negro’s place all day. And since we’ve rolled out of Black History month into Women’s History Month - I just want to take a moment and breathe.

In our society, it is so easy to blame women.

There is no word or way to map
the path of judgement and the path of empathy.
They are so often either too far apart
or close together. Both. Neither

perpendicular or parallel. Paradox. Maybe
like a scribbly slash by a four year old using a spy pen
on top of a handmade paper pressed
together with lint, wildflowers, bits of yarn,

old newsprint and history books.
But, what light could ever reveal
those haphazard renderings
sinking into the busy.

So, tonight - please leave my blog and visit my friend Karen James. I want to thank Karen for this way she has of seeing beauty and making peace with every rock, road, tree, skyscraper and person. I want to thank her for always asking why and how and what. And then she transforms either the question or the answer or both into a piece of visual pleasure. I also want tot thank her for showing me how to love my son more than my keyboard by loving her son more than her paint brush. (The piece to the right is Karen James' "Seedling, Growing In the Sun.")

Also speaking of Karen - let me be the first to point the finger at myself. In the past few days, I have been less than charitable to Hillary Clinton. I’d go take a peek at guest blogger Heart from Women’s Space on What Tami Said to see what may have elicited this snap. Comrade Heart is on point. (And okay, okay, okay- I still stand by my drunk-on-the-bar analogy.)

And as you walk you path,
Karen reminds us,
"Albert Was Ordinary Too"

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