Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dear Hillary,

Just like you, during my childhood, my parents advised me to play the game all the way to the end. They encouraged me to never give up. They championed good sportsmanship. They admonished me to win and lose gracefully. They suggested that “the game itself and how hard I tried” was the most important thing.

After all, the math has always been against us. Others owned the judicial branch, the legislature, the executive branch. Did long dusty walks and sore feet put people back on the busses? Did fire hoses and billy clubs keep children out of the streets? Did that stop King from having a dream? Did we not bring issue after laborious issue to the court s and hold America accountable for her own words? Why should we have done any of that? The math has always been designed to make it appear as if we couldn’t stand a chance.

That was not a game. That was a fight for our lives. That was a demand for justice. And this America right now, this land “where little black boys and black girls...join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers.” This land where just tonight “I sat down with the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners at a table of brotherhood.” This troubled land at war from within and without is not a game. This is not entertainment or recreation.

We don’t want to watch your skilful spin, smear, hypocrisy and duplicity like a football match. This country is fighting for its life, spiritually, economically and emotionally. We demand justice and the people are speaking. We are speaking for someone who is willing to listen, advocate and act upon our best interests.

me, The AfroSphere Action Coalition and
and all those who have signed the petition.

P.S. Dear reader, join us and sign the petition. Contact the Democratic National Committee. Best of all, just vote.


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

What a wonderful letter! We're getting a great response, too, from all across the country. I just received two e-mails - both from white women - in Texas and Pennsylvania, both writers strongly supporting our efforts and urging Hillary to get out of the race for the good of the Party and the country.

Christina Springer said...

Thanks Francis! And what great news you bring! Let the wave crest towards shore!

Villager said...

Christina, it was great to see the online activism from so many different bloggers yesterday. The online petition is up over 650 signatures this morning. It felt good to call Howard Dean (DNC chair) yesterday to let him know my thoughts on this matter. I hope that you and others made similiar call to DNC chair.

Anyhow, I appreciate what you've done with your open letter...

peace, Villager

Big Man said...

Who wrote the letter? At first I thought it was your work, but then I was confused because I thought you grew up in England. It's a very poignant letter.

Christina Springer said...

Hey Big Man!

I wrote the letter. And I'm glad you liked it. I grew up here in the States. My husband and I moved to London and then recently returned.