Monday, March 03, 2008

Women's History Month Challenge

Some days, I love the immediacy of the blogosphere.
It rewards our need for immediacy. It screams,
“All that matters is what is now!” Still,
it contains the duality of zen and melodrama.

When I look at women’s history, I begin to see that the most comprehensive picture of human life is never in battles, government or laws.

What we know about the complete story of humans begins with grocery lists, household budgets, and market prices regarding the items necessary to guarantee the survival of the species. It contains obscure, unimportant observations that impacted everyday people and influences who and what we are as a culture today. It has been painstakingly uncovered in the most private communications between women - letters and journals. What are blogs? Letters to the world begging for a reply. Like minds seeking like minds and a few nay sayers to give us strength.

So here is my challenge.

1. Find an online woman who has blogged for at least three years. Read her from beginning to present - in chronological order. Be a witness to one remarkable, ordinary woman who is changing her world - one dreary day after glorious day.
2. Incorporate parts of her story and respond to her words in your blog once a week.
3. End the month with a short “bio” of this woman’s life including, her challenges and her victories.

If you don’t have a list yourself, here is a list of women I intend to get to know.

Jax at Making It Up -
s a U.K.. Mom who was home educating her children until financial considerations redirected her focus.

Jaime over at The Peanut Gallery
was my colleague? protégé? is activist-poet-mama doing her thing!

Raina -
is just a poet, teacher, “dusty bunny tamer”...a young CC poet in the trenches.

Making an exception to the rule - Diary Of An Anxious Black Woman

Thanks for considering the challenge,

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