Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fear First Brings Clarity, Followed By Commitment and Action

I am so incensed by:

But, yesterday’s election results give me faith. When I sit down and truly think about it, I’m not concerned that Hilarious took Ohio or Rhode Island. While she took the popular vote in Texas, Obama will end up with 3 more delegates than Clinton anyway. I have a fair and decent understand of math.

So, other than the math, why would I be even more optimistic about Obama’s campaign moving forward. Obama supporters want change. There are those supporters who have been out there in the streets doing what they can. There are some who have been; are and will continue to write checks. And there are those who truly, honestly and deeply believe in fairy tales - and these are the people which make me most optimistic about the campaign.

A few posts ago, I was discussing my son. How sometimes when we really get into an aesome pretend game - it becomes so real that he actually becomes frightened. Then, he needs to stop. And this is peculiar observation that gives me hope that the momentum is just beginning to build.

Before yesterday, I was ready to give a little of my time and money to Obama’s campaign. Now, I’m ready to give a whole lot more. Yesterday was one of the days when it might have just gotten scary enough for the believers in fairy tales to stop being content enjoying the game and wake up. Because now it is scary.

We've got to get her vindictive self to to step down before we keep the country in the hands of the Republicans. (Which - if you read the above story - it seems as if Hillary Clinton is saying, "If I can't have it, then neither can he." Let me stop here. I am not an uncharitable person - but she just brings out this awful petty, bitchy side of me I wasn't truly aware was there before the whole election began.)

See? I'm scared. And the results of this fear are that I have been moved to give more. I can only imagine what the good, wonderful believers of someone else has got it all under control are now ready to do.

The key to this puzzle is the difference between their two slogans. People who want someone else to do their thinking, make their decisions and control their lives shout Hilarious’s slogan - “Hillary speaks for me.” But, the people who support Obama - we want to be part of creating something big; we want to be active and we need to be counted as a valuable participants and co-creators in this on-going process called democracy. that's why we shout, “Yes, We Can!” And now, the believers in hope and truth might just understand that they have to get up and do something about it making it happen

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Big Man said...

Yo, did you here that this whole NAFTA thing was actually something Clinton's camp did, but then tried to pin on Obama.

News reports apparently mistakenly added Obama's name, when it was really Clinton surrogates who were operating with a wink and a nod.