Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Fun Peace | Week Three

At the beginning of class, we did a moving meditation where we were a river, the fog, the sun lifting the mositure out of the air, the wind blowing a seed along. Finally, we got down on the ground and became a seed. We waited for the rain. We waited for the warmth and then we all grew into flowers. Some of the “flowers” chose to be “picked and brought inside.” Other “flowers” chose to “stay in the field and make seeds for next year.”

I. Welcome Craft - Peace Sticks
Using string and a stick, we will make Peace Sticks. Thoughts on peace will be written down each week. Then we will wrap the stick with coloured string. Each week, we will use a different colour.

II. Circle
A. Get in Circle
1. Love Grows
2. So Glad You’re Here
3. Wind The Bobbin Up
4. Verse
5. Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, by Susan Jeffers

III. Movement Activity
Parachute - We’ve been discussing circles. With our parchute, we took turns working together to make it go way up high. We experimented with what hapens when everyone just moves it whatever way they want. We took turns running under the parachute and changing places on the circle. We took some Whiffle balls and tried to work together to keep them from jumping out.

Due to popular demand - we played Together Tag again.

IV. Movement Meditation
The children moved to a guided meditation where they were stones, sticks and other quiet natural things.

V. Story
A. Beauty Song - lyrics below
B. Old Turtle by Douglas Wood

VI. Craft
Medicine Wheels / Spirit Shields using water colour paint, silk hoops and feathers.

VI. Hands
A. Pass The Pulse
B. “Hands” = something we are thankful for today.

The Beauty Song - based on a traditional Navaho Prayer

On my left beauty
On my right beauty
Beauty above me
Beauty beneath.

At my front beauty
At my back beauty
Beauty within me
Beauty within

The image above is last weeks, wish mobile.
Time permitting we'll make more and turn them into a mobile.


Karen James said...

You are a natural teacher, Christina. This class is beautiful.

Christina Springer said...

Thanks Karen! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm having fun. It is tiring, hard, satisfying fun/work.