Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Fun Peace - Week Two

As the children came in, my co-teacher, Trillium played soft music and invited them to dance and move like animals. Once we reached critical mass, we moved into our first activity.

I. Welcome Craft - Peace Sticks (15 minutes)
Using string and a stick, we will make Peace Sticks. Thoughts on peace will be written down each week. Then we will wrap the stick with coloured string. Each week, we will use a different colour.

II. Circle (15 minutes)
A. Get in Circle
1. Love Grows - see last week’s entry for lyrics
2. So Glad You’re Here - ditto
1. Wind The Bobbin Up
C. Verse
D. Today’s Theme - Be Yourself
E. Tacky The Penguin, Helen Lester

III. Movement Activity - (40 minutes)

a. Together Tag
Clarify that we play safe tag. That means we only tag with one finger. One person chooses to be “it.” They try to tag one person. Once tagged, that person joins hands with the original “it.” Together, they must try to keep tagging the other players until everyone is “it.” The last one tagged gets to be “it” in the next round.

b. Knots
Students hold the hands of two different players. Players cannot hold both hands of the same player, nor can they hold the hand of a player next to them. When the students are ready the signal is given for them to begin unraveling their knot. Players are not allowed to let go of each other’s hand until the game is finished. When the knots are unraveled students should be in a circle with their hands joined. Occasionally, two intertwined circles may be formed. Source =

VI. Craft - Wish Mobile (20 minutes)
Each child was given a piece of hemp string on which was tied a natural piece of wood with the word Peace on one side and Harmony on the other. We put out beads and buttons. Each piece was finished off with a bell. This craft will be repeated and by the end of term, they each should have enough to make a mobile.

IV. Story (10 minutes)
Child Of Faerie, Child Of Earth, Jane Yolen

VII. Hands (5 minutes)
A. Pass Phe Pulse
B. “Hands” = something we are thankful for today.

Lyrics To Songs And Verses Used

Wind the Bobbin Up - Traditional English Children’s Song

Wind the bobbin up,
wind the bobbin up,
pull, pull,
clap clap clap.

Wind it back again
wind it back again
pull, pull,
clap clap clap.

Point to the ceiling,
point to the floor,
point to the window,
point to the door.

Clap you hands together 1 - 2 - 3
Now place them nicely on your knees.

Revised Waldorf Verse

I look into the world,
in which the sun is shining,
in which stars are sparkling,
in which stones are still,
where plants are growing,
where animals live with feeling,
where humans dive dwelling to their spirit.

Now, I pledge my Heart.
Now, I pledge my Mind.
Now, I pledge my Soul.
Now, I pledge my Whole Being.

To be Present;
to Learn;
to Grow
To Share

And be Whole.

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