Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scenes From Our Autumn Garden

This is how one of our pumpkins insisted on growing. Every day, I would push it out of the fence. Every night, it would wedge itself back in.

The cricket we found in our kitchen. Crickets are supposed to be good luck. Lucky us!

Our green beans are purple. When we cook them, they turn green. The storm blew them over, still they bloom and produce. This is lovely magic!

Winston is very proud of his garden this year. His father hates tomatoes. (Winston isn't keen on them either.) We've made lovely marinara sauces for pizza. He adores homemade pizza with his very own sauce. But, the real lesson learned is abundance and generosity. He's been making bi-weekly distributions of his produce to the neighbours. Next year, I think he could set up a little produce stand in front of the house. Then, he could learn abundance, generosity and business. Not a bad trio.

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