Saturday, September 27, 2008

See My Finished Poems | The Drunken Boat

I'd love to announce the stellar new issue of The Drunken Boat. This exceptional online literary journal has had some fascinating issues. However, the current issue focuses on the work of Cave Canem poets. (Of which I am one.)

I am so pleased to have been included in the current issue. They have given a lovely home to three of my poems. You may see them here. Readers who have been with me awhile may remember the first drafts of these poems. After all, this blog is really a series of "post it notes" where I share raw moments and momentary musings. Now, you get to see the end of the cycle.


Christine said...


The fact about the ravens having their wings clipped makes me laugh. Of course, the monarchy would artificially stack the deck in their favor.

It's always a pleasure to read your work. I typically spend a few days re-reading and looking at the words different ways. Thank you for your art.


Christina Springer said...

Thanks for going and taking a look Christine! I appreciate that you found the humor in the raven poem. When I was working at the Tower, we did a workshop on the idea of prisoners. What is a prisoner? Can you be a prisoner of your mind...etc. That poem came then.

Ferocious Kitty said...


Congratulations! Love the poems. I am shaking my head at the fact that they've clipped the ravens wings. And folks say only us culluds believed in superstitions and legends. ;-)