Monday, October 20, 2008

The Fun Peace | Week Five

Sorry for the late post, I was ill last week. (And the husband will be gone for two weeks, so after I felt better, we glutted ourselves on family.)

I. Welcome Craft - Peace Sticks
Using string and a stick, we are making Peace Sticks. Thoughts on peace have been written down each week. Then they are being wrapped with coloured string. (They are starting to look gorgeous, maybe I will capture a picture nex week.)

II. Circle
A. Get in Circle
1. Love Grows
2. So Glad You’re Here
3. Wind The Bobbin Up

III. Story
To Be A Drum, Evelyn Coleman (modified for pre-school)

IV. Toning - we made harmonies with our voices.

V. Craft
Using recycled containers - such as coffee tins, oatmeal boxes, cornmeal tins - we will made drums. First we wrapped the drums in the water colours we made from the first class. Then we added jewels, stickers etc. to make them our special drum.

VI. Snack with Story “Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox

VIi. Movement Activity - Earth My Body
Squatting, pat the floor, chant, “ Earth My Body.”
Squatting, pat the thighs chant, “ Water M Blood”
Squatting, pat the chest chant, “Air, My Breath”
Rise up and move your hands in a big circle and sing
“Fire my Spirit!”

When everyone has figured it out , speed up. Then slow it down.
Lay on the floor and feel the earth’s beat.

VIII. Meditation - Living Drum
After all that activity, their hearts will be beating fast. We’ll lay down and feel our pulses. Drum it on the floor.

Then we got our new drums and our peace sticks. Everyone took turns making a rhythm which others could copy or add their own rhythm. We experienced the sound of everybody doing their own thing. We also experienced the sound of everyone listening to each other. Finally, we experienced the sound of unity.

IX. Story
Martin’s Big Words, Doreen Rappaport - adapted to pre-school

X. Hands (5 minutes)
A. Pass Phe Pulse
B. “Hands” = something we are thankful for today.

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