Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Shenanigans Step Up A Notch

In the early election, There was some delightful optimism. There was doubt that America was ready for a Black president. Then, Obama made history and won the nomination. The tone of the country took on a rosier glow for me. I thought maybe all of these years of being side by side on playgrounds and in schools had made some small difference.

But, they haven’t. In fact,things are getting very ugly. I see illogical ideas on mailing lists which pretend that they are logical. I’ve been noticing colour aroused anxiety taking a tighter grip of people. The same people who in one breath condemn overt racists worry about Ayers’ connection to Obama in the next.

The McCain Palin campaign is fanning the flames of the racist vote. Palin - in particular - revels in whipping a crowd into a hysterical terrorist frenzy. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos, I won’t post them here.

But, now this. Come on. How low and dirty can you get? In upstate New York, several residents received absentee ballots with the name Barack Osama on them. Meanwhile, some states are illegally purging eligible voters from their rolls.

I begin to think this BBC documentary, "Set up to steal it again. Is 2008 already fixed?” is true. Watch Part One here. They have no intention of allowing us a democracy ever again. That was stolen from us in 2004. It’s harder to get something back than let it go in the first place.

On election day, please keep watch at this great site Voter Suppression Wiki. They’ll be keeping watch. And if you see something wrong at your polling place, report it.

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