Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Fun Peace | Week Four

As children drifted in today we all chose to herds, flocks, gaggles and schools of animals.

I. Welcome Craft - Peace Sticks
Using string and a stick, we will make Peace Sticks. Thoughts on peace will be written down each week. Then we will wrap the stick with coloured string. Each week, we will use a different colour.

II. Circle (15 minutes)
1. Love Grows
2. So Glad You’re Here
3. Wind The Bobbin Up
4. Verse
5. “Sharing A Shell,” by Julia Donaldson

III. Movement Activity
A. Parachute Games
We tried to work together to see how many wiffle balls we could keep inside of the parachute. Then we saw hwo high we could make them jump up. We took turns running through the parachute and tried to keep it high enough for the person to get all the way through.

C. Village Idiots
This game is very much like the game "Machine." One person makes an action and a sound. Each person connects to their movement by making an action in reaction to theirs with another sound. For example, I bent my knees, put out my hand and said "ding." Another person mimicked dropping something into my hand and said "zip." People kept joining in until we had a crazy entity that all worked together. Each time it turned out differently. We learned how people's reactions to a single movement can create a loud or soft entity or a rythmic or atonal entity.

IV. Snack time
“Earth Mother” by Ellen Jackson

V. Meditation
1. We did a moving meditation where we were the whirling wind. Then we became clouds and made thunder by clapping our hands together. Then we brought the storm to quiet.

2. Beauty - Song

3. My Head Is In The Sky - Song

VI. Story
“Wangari’s Trees Of Peace,” by Jeanette Winter

VII. Craft - Nature baskets (15 minutes)
Using the watercolours from the first class we made a box. We lined it with wax paper and a cotton balls. We planted alphalfa seeds.

Lyrics for "My Head Is In The Sky"

My head is in the sky, sky, sky.
My feet are on the ground, ground, ground.

And what about my blood?
It is from the sea.

And what about my bones?
Like the mountains be.

And my hands, oh my hands!
I believe with my hands I can hold this land.

My two hands hold the Earth.
My two hands hold the Earth.

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