Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Fun Peace - Week Six

I. Welcome
Craft - Peace Sticks
Using string and a stick, we are making Peace Sticks. Thoughts on peace have been written down each week. Then they are being wrapped with coloured string.

Movement Meditation - The Wind
Today, we were both the wind and objects which encounter the wind. We were light breezes,tornados, flashing gusts. Then we were leaves, dust, raindrops, trees, ocean waves, and fire.

II. Circle
A. Love Grows
B. So Glad You’re Here
C. Wind The Bobbin Up
D. Follow Follow

III. Story

Harvesting Hope The Story of Cesar Chavez by Kathleen Krull (modified for pre-school)

IV. Craft
Banners - Muslin, water-colours in spray bottles, leaf stencils, ribbon and sticks. We lay down a square of Muslin. Placed a leaf stencil on the muslin. Using the spray bottles, we lightly mist the fabric. When we remove the leaf stencil, we have an imprint and the leaf is a lovely colour! When the banner is dry, we glue the banner to a stick. Tie on a long piece of ribbons so it can be hung.

V. Snack with Story
A.Owl At Home by , Arnold Lobel. (the winter story)
B. Jonathan and His Mommy by Irene Smalls

VI. Moving Meditation
We adapted the game of “Mother May I?” to incorporate the way Jonathan and his mother use different ways to move through the world. Each child took turns asking to take different kinds of steps. They tried to move together as a group. When they finally got close - instead of tag, we had a great big group hug.

VI. Toning
This week we will do toning with a didgeridoo. We did the different vowel sounds, a,e,i,o,u. We combined the vowels in different ways - “i,u,e,” “i,u” “i,e” “a,o.” We examined different ways we could move our mouths to get different sounds.

VII. Meditation

A. Seed Meditation
We were seeds waiting in the ground through the seasons. Then we grew into shoots. We grew into flowers. And we found uses for our seeds including helping animals cary them far and wide. Then we became seeds again nestling in for the winter.

B. Song - “My head Is In The Sky”

VIII. Story
We finished our craft, so we didn’t get time to read our story, Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin


msladydeborah said...

Your lesson plan and implementation looks good!

I am going to take some of your ideas to my group and giving them my twist.

I love it when talented teachers share the collective wealth!

Christina Springer said...

Thanks Msladydeborah!

The whole term has been inspirational! Last week - when we did drums, rhythym and harmony - we seemed to have this awesome breakthrough.

I hope you share back your modifications! This is the first time, we've taught this course. So, we are adapting, modifying and looking to improve.

It is *so* important to share!

Christina Springer said...

Oh, Msladydeborah - the lyrics to all of our current songs are in previous blogs.

You can use my site search with "fun peace." It will show you every entry for all the previous classes - with lyrics.