Monday, July 09, 2012

Mom-Fu #6 - The Listening Position

The Listening Position.

Variation 1 - for unwelcome interruptions.

1. From “The Neutral Position,” invite “The Yes Position.”

2. Let the request begin to issue from their lips. Then, allow each vertebrae to release one by one until your chin rests gently on your chest.

3. Allow your shoulders to follow you neck and roll slightly forward.

4. Reverse.

5. Place hands together in a prayer stance. (A slight nostril flare is useful, but not vital.)

6. Assume a balance between the “The Neutral Position” and “The Yes Position.” This is best achieved with a slight crinkle of the eye corners, the slightest hint of a receptive smile.

7. Lean forward.

8. Make eye contact.

9. Listen.

From this position, you are ready to instantly assume No, Yes, I Don’t See Why Not, and I See Why Not, Can You? or the "How Awesome Are You?!? Position"

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