Monday, July 09, 2012

Mom-Fu - #7 - Home Training Basics

Home training assumes mastery of all of the positions previously discussed.

A child will happily wipe the spill from under his glass and the remnants on the counter top, if you have mastered “The Neutral Position,” “The Yes Position” and “The No Position.”

It all really starts out quite small.

Child: I can’t find boo-boo bear!

Mother: Well of course not.! Look at the mess! Oh, my!

Child: Boo-boo bear! (appears as if meltdown in approaching.)

Mother: (enters “The Yes Position.” And exclaims joyfully.) Why, we’ll just clean this house from top to bottom.

Child (dubious) Ummmmm….

Mother: Everything has a place and when everything is in it….nothing get lost. Not even Boo-boo Bear.”

Child: I just want Boo-Boo Bear!

Mother: (assumes the No Position) Well, then, let’s get started. You DO want Boo-Boo Bear, right.


Child: I just spilled the milk.

Mother (assumes Yes Position after moving through the No Screaming Position.) Are we so lucky we have sponges?

Child: Huh!

Mother: Look! How exciting! We have sponges. I’ll teach you.

Child: Oh! We have sponges.

Mother: How awesome! Should we try to do this with watercolors on paper later?"

Child: No, that's cool.

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