Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Heart Beating The Body

I can not even love myself enough

to activate the index finger

on the desperate moist button;

enter the movie theatre of my husband;

play yesterday in circles

on my tongue or any open place

until thrill releases

worry. it is that simple

really. my husband real

and imaginary. devises

calm. delivers when

I am good

and these days,

have one too many between.

appendage presents

declare. I have to love

myself. and my crazy

marching band heart

frenzies. he calmly states,

“no, not today,

suffer and work it ~”

more likely this behavior

is a clot ready bomb singing

time to release


and rise.

fire. the simplest


I have always wanted.

the pain fist to do something

very important. like take a life.

oh, look, Spongebob is on tv.

is it time to laugh now?

thank you…dearest,

ohhhh, darling, thank you.

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