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Many people on facebook share links for the likes.  Others share in hopes of having a rousing good conversation.  Many people share because mainstream media is failing us.  Regardless of why people post what they post, Facebook is failing Black people.  But, we're still there. Racist or not racist, problematic or not, Facebook is not going anywhere anytime soon.  

Black Facebook Workers Write Open Letter to Company: We Are Treated Every Day 'As If We Do Not Belong Here'

I believe black Americans face a genocide. Here's why I choose that word.

This opinion piece by the author makes a good case in support of his book, Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People.  A good enough case that the book actually seems interesting. When I was younger, my father used to talk about the way in which the elite viewed working class and poor people as disposable and that a more fair and equitable society could be created through litigation. Education was often featured as the fulcrum upon which a fair and equitable society was balanced.  (Then again, he was a law clerk on Brown Vs Board Of Education) But, as he grew older, he became more pessimistic about the eradication of racism.  With the advent of technology, his pessimism grew into a rather bleak vision of a determined and concentrated effort by the elite to restore slavery in this country.  I used to rebel against this idea and offer all manner of platitudes about the inherent goodness of all people.  As I grow older,  I have begun to know, he is correct. But, this plan of a disposable underclass does not end with Black people. It will keep consuming groups of all races unless there is a pushback of proportions more epic than the French Revolution.   Speaking of Brown VS Board of Education ...

Today Is the Anniversary of Ruby Bridges' Historic First Day of School

Arizona Cop Violently Attacks A Black Teen With No Arms Or Legs

Lightly skimming the surface of what would actually take several books to explain fully and totally disregards the indestructible structures in place to actually combat the answer they give.  

But, just because things are bad, doesn't mean we throw our hands up in the air and give up.  The past few days were chock full of good news.  The first Black woman to receive a Michelin star, the first Black composer in production at The Met, a Black supermarket receiving its funding to begin the process of opening.

French museums should return looted art treasures to Africa, report commissioned by Macron says.

With the opening of the World’s Largest Museum Dedicated To Black Civilizations In Senegal, Europe has lost one of its many excuses about the proper storage and care of African art. According to the article "90 to 95 percent of Africa’s cultural heritage resides outside of the continent.
If France takes steps to return African artworks, there will be pressure on museums in other countries to do the same."

Ashley James Makes History as First Black Curator Hired by Guggenheim Museum

Black fashion of the 1990s was groundbreaking. This new exhibit celebrates its rise.

Nothing better for the middle age woman, than to see the clothes from your young adulthood on display in a museum.  LOL!  But, aside from that, this is wonderful article. 

The Lady Hero's Journey

McSweeney's once again delivers a great read.  For anyone who has studied, taught or used Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey, this will have you howling with laughter.  (If you want to know more about the steps of The Hero's Journey: an Author's Guide to Plotting)


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