The Daily Read: Blak Rapp's new video, Take Action!, Alan Locke, Pop Psychology, Dung Beetles, Prison Gerrymandering

This weekend I was deep in the studio painting or with my family.  I didn't jump on social media except to communicate with friends and family.  It means I missed a lot of interesting reads.  That's okay, I have a few books I in at the moment.  So, I'm being honest.  This is The Daily Read.  All of it, the good, the bad and the quirky. 

What My Friends Are Doing

Blak Rapp Madusa premiered a new video, Speak No Evil.  You can also find her artist page at 1Hood if you don't want to use Facebook.  The beats were written by another friend, young, and very exciting artist Ether.  

TAKE ACTION! Here is a map of potential dumping sites for conventional oil and gas drilling wastewater in Pennsylvania. It's really not pretty.

Other Things Around The Internet

The Philosopher Who Believed That Art Was Key to Black Liberation

Always happy to see folks talking about Alan Locke. He was more important than folks know.

11 Signs Your Personality Is So Intense That It’s Intimidating To Others

If you rely on the internet for deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships, you're in trouble.  But, I la pop psychology article from time to time.  I'm the first to admit that I don't understand something.   I've noticed more and more people talking about the social anxiety. It makes me wonder if it was a prevalent as before or has it increased now that more tools are available and folks don't have to socialize in real life.  Regardless, I have always been confused when people tell me that I am intimidating.  If these are the qualities, then... hrmmm... okay.

Dung Beetles Navigate Via the Milky Way, First Known in Animal Kingdom

Just the science, please.  I like that.  But, the reason I read this article - which is not mentioned at all - is the place of the dung beetle in Egyptian mythology.  One of the best known artifacts from ancient Egypt are scarabs who are associated with the God Khepri.  I enjoy articles which reinforce the accuracy of science of our ancestors. 

Half of Wisconsin's Black Neighborhoods Are Jails


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